Waldkinder Arrives in Bucharest: A New Chapter Unfolds

The esteemed Waldkinder kindergarten from Sibiel is making its way to the outskirts of Bucharest, finding its new home within the serene surroundings of Gulia Eco-Village.

Founded in spring 2019, Waldkinder began as a forest-based kindergarten, with children journeying daily from Sibiu to Sibiel, a Transylvanian village. Now, Waldkinder Sibiel educates about 90 preschoolers, while 25 students thrive at Waldkinder Free School—a self-directed learning institution launched in 2021, continuing the alternative education model.

The Waldkinder Way is a nature-infused, self-driven method spanning preschool to high school, imbuing not just education but a nature-connected, choice-rich, and responsible life//style. The focus is on fostering resilience and self-assuredness, preparing for an unpredictable future.

The Waldkinder heart lies in community—within the food, education, and overall experience. Kids, teachers, and staff form a family, united by a love for nature, kindness, unconventional living, and cherishing the present moment.

The synergy between Grupo Demetra and Waldkinder unfolded organically, stemming from a seamless alignment of values, principles and missions.

As described by the founders of Waldkinder:

“It all began with a mere handful of students, a couple of educators, a biologist, and an exceptionally unconventional dream—an alternative to the existing educational paradigm.”

The collaboration inked between Grupo Demetra Gulia Eco-Village and Waldkinder stands as a beacon of promise, one that promises manifold benefits to children and families alike—a cause close to our hearts.