Multifunctional Centre

The Multifunctional Centre is the place to be for individuals seeking well-being, a balanced life and reconnection with oneself, those around them, and nature. The 1,700 sqm Centre fulfils these purposes with its exceptional accommodations, social events, and dedicated spaces for various activities.

Serving as the heart and soul of the Gulia residential compound, the Multifunctional Centre goes above and beyond to meet a diverse range of individual and collective needs.

In terms of accommodation, the Multifunctional Centre offers 13 rentable units boasting 26 rooms in a convenient bed and breakfast regime.

As for the activities, the Centre is the space hosting all Grupo Demetra events, while also giving the option to rent the space for events that fit its purpose and match its values. The organized activities at the Multifunctional Centre cater to all age groups, from children to teenagers, adults, and seniors, and cover a diverse range of topics with some exclusive to residents and others open to the public, taking place both indoors and outdoors.

From kids to seniors, indoors and out, the Multifunctional Centre offers exclusive experiences for residents but also open activities for all

Indoor spaces

Indoor, the classes and workshops cover a very diverse range of topics: well-being, conscious living, art and culture, sports, etc. More precisely, the Multifunctional Centre’s agenda will offer yoga classes and retreats, healthy eating seminars, classes on the circular economy and how to live more aware of one’s surroundings, film screenings, art exhibitions, music and dance classes, activities for children of all kinds, and many more, along with hands-on workshops for all age groups.

Outdoor spaces

Outdoor, the activities will be making use of the Gulia Sat amenities: the forest, the plazas and generous green spaces, and the Multifunctional Centre’s own open-air space and pool. Forest walks, outdoor yoga, concerts in the forest, swimming lessons, and an open-air gym are just a few of the activities that will be included on the agenda.

All classes, activities, and experiences embody the Grupo Demetra way of living, inviting people to experience it and make it their own, while also enabling them to thrive.

One Space, a Thousand Opportunities

What sets Gulias’s Multifunctional Centre apart is its remarkable modularity and versatility, reflected in both its innovative design and dynamic nature. The Centre can transform in an instant to meet any need—whether it be a serene yoga centre, a state-of-the-art conference hall, a vibrant classroom, a captivating theatre, a collaborative coworking space, an elegant ballroom, a creative artisan workshop space, a bustling fairs platform, a peaceful library, or an engaging exhibition centre/museum, among others. The Centre is synonymous with offering a thousand opportunities in one space, capable of infinite transformations, catering to everyone’s needs, and enabling continuous growth and learning for those passing through its doors.

Community is our core value