Gulia Eco-Village is the first real estate development of Grupo Demetra. Rafaela Nebreda Vilallonga and Dana Manns are the driving forces behind this visionary project, and they brought together an ecology of experts from around the world to make it happen.

Rafaela Nebreda Vilallonga

Rafaela Nebreda Vilallonga is a highly accomplished professional with a remarkable track record of over two decades in the real estate market. Her expertise and vast experience extend not only to the Romanian real estate landscape but also to international markets. As the driving force behind Imoteca, one of Romania’s most prominent real estate companies, she has played a pivotal role in its success.

With fluency in five foreign languages, Rafaela’s global perspective has allowed her to transcend borders, contributing to her enriching professional journey in cities like Rio, Brussels, Bucharest, and Bilbao.

Notably, Rafaela’s exceptional qualities as a leader shine through her entrepreneurial soul project, Grupo Demetra. Her strong focus on people-centric management and boundless energy are key elements that have contributed to the success of this venture. By combining her expertise in real estate with her passion for empowering those around her, Rafaela has made a significant impact in the industry and beyond.

Dana Manns

Dana Manns, an entrepreneur since the age of 24, swiftly established herself as a highly regarded business figure in the Romanian market. Her acumen for strategic investments and unwavering perseverance have been instrumental in the resounding success of the companies she has been associated with. With a strong conviction in the transformative power of education and culture, Dana strives to be a catalyst for a robust and fair society. In her business ventures, she remains committed to fostering access to opportunities, promoting equality, and nurturing inclusivity.

Her diverse professional journey spans across multiple industries, including the automotive trade, heavy industry production, and implementation of EU projects in the field of waste recycling technologies. Dana’s approach always revolves around cultivating enduring partnerships and building sustainable enterprises, with a keen focus on enhancing the well-being of the individuals involved. Dana’s journey as an entrepreneur exemplifies dedication, vision, and a genuine commitment to making a positive impact on society and the lives of those she serves, and Gulia Eco-Village stands as proof.

With over two decades of guiding real estate developers and orchestrating the successful sale of 5,000 residential units through Imoteca (with 90% nestled within the middle market segment), our engagement has spanned nearly half a million clients. This extensive tenure, marked by adept navigation through two crises, has bestowed us with profound insights into the dynamic needs and evolving trends of the local residential market.

Then, a pivotal juncture materialised. I uncovered a niche intricately aligned with my personal and professional purpose, an untapped frontier. Thus, I embarked on a transformative journey – transitioning from advisor to developer. The foundational stride entailed birthing The Grupo, a collective of like-minded professionals, converging around our shared values. In harmony with our ethos, we transcend conventional structures to mould not just residences, but entire lifestyles.

Rafaela Nebreda Vilallonga

Dana and Rafaela entrusted estudioHerreros to materialise their vision for Gulia Eco-Village. estudioHerreros is an architecture firm with offices in Madrid, New York and Mexico City, operating worldwide and employing about 20 architects from different nationalities. The firm is the consolidation of the 30-year career of world-renowned architect Juan Herreros, Chair Professor at Madrid School of Architecture, and Full Professor of Architecture at Columbia University in New York, and the expertise of his business partner Jens Richter.

estudioHerreros, a globally acclaimed architectural firm with numerous international accolades

In parallel with its professional practice, estudioHerreros assumes the responsibility of maintaining a critical position committed to the social, political, cultural and environmental dimensions of the present in general and of its production in particular. This position refers not only to its work and projects but also to the intense public presence of the office based above all on the figure of Juan Herreros, whose teaching, intellectual and media profile constitutes a reference point in establishing connections between the discipline of architecture and other environments of the world of culture, economy and social sciences.

Ecology of Experts

When implementing their vision, Rafaela and Dana brought together a multidisciplinary team of best-in-class professionals from various industries, nationalities, and age groups, forming an ecology of experts, ready to create and sustain a new way of living at Gulia.

Imoteca is one of Romania’s most prominent real estate companies. It was founded over 20 years ago and it counts over 5,000 successful residential units sales.

CTE Trailers stands as a prominent European leader in semi-trailer production, demonstrating dedicated participation in the circular economy within Romania and Europe.

GIS GROUP delivers tailored services for local and international companies in Romania. GIS counts 20 years of expertise in consultancy, company incorporation, management, legal, tax, real estate, and EU fund projects and over 120 successful clients.