There is no secret recipe for a well-lived life. Nor is there a universal set of instructions or steps to follow to achieve balance and happiness. However, there certainly is a cumulation of factors that  directly impact one’s well-being.

At Grupo Demetra, we are dedicated to crafting and curating experiences that enhance the lives of individuals and the communities they are part of. Within Gulia Eco-Village, Grupo Demetra introduces exceptional experiences right from the outset, fostering a community that evolves in harmony with its surroundings.

Grupo Demetra's agenda

Our agenda encompasses two types of experiences: those orchestrated by Grupo Demetra and those offered by esteemed partners, collaborators, and top-tier experts in the fields we aim to integrate into the village. All these experiences are designed to align with our comprehensive well-being spectrum.

The Grupo Demetra WELL-BEING SPECTRUM covers 7 main dimensions meant to create the right environment for its residents to lead well-rounded and fulfilled lives:


Empowering dynamic lifestyles through thoughtfully designed spaces and activities, indoors and outdoors, seamlessly integrating sports into daily routines.


Enabling an immersive and pleasurable connection with nature, allowing residents to live in close harmony with their surroundings.


Facilitating the education of both adults and children, promoting sustainable and enriched living experiences.


Creating an optimal environment for happiness and self-discovery, this approach equips individuals with accessible tools to integrate these aspects effortlessly into their everyday lives.


Cultivating a sense of belonging within the community and catering to its needs fosters a healthy interdependence necessary for living closely with others.


Cultivating a human system that harmonises with the natural ecosystem of the Gulia compound, fostering permaculture principles, and advocating for a 'return to our roots' approach to nutrition.


Building versatile facilities that cater comprehensively to the needs of residents and brand enthusiasts by providing spaces capable of perpetual transformation.

More than a developer

Concisely put, Grupo Demetra, as a residential developer, thinks beyond buildings. We care for your well-being and ours. We find it essential. It is the quality of everyday life that, incrementally, impacts the overall quality of it.