Gulia Eco-Village

Let's meet each other

Let's meet each other

A contemporary Eco-village in the heart of a traditional village
Join a community in harmony with nature and sustainability

hectares of community green area
hectares of forest
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The Symphony of nature in your own forest

You wake each morning to the pure delight of the songs of the forest; the clean, crisp air invigorates you, and the colours of nature fill you with a profound sense of well-being.

Village within a village with urban essence

You are at home in a place close to nature, blending the finest elements of urban vitality with rural tranquillity, offering you the best of both worlds: a space where you can reimagine your roots, blending tradition with contemporary living…

A multifunctional centre and spaces that mirror your needs

You live in a place that embraces your lifestyle and supports your daily choices.It makes them possible…

Welcome to Gulia Eco-Village

Houses and Apartments

The compound offers 173 houses and apartments, each engineered to strive for energy autonomy and to adapt seamlessly to the evolving desires of its residents.

Gulia Eco-Village: the village within a village, surrounded by an expansive 30-hectare forest.

Juan Herreros, the world-renowned architect, in collaboration with his partner Jens Richter and the esteemed team at estudioHerreros, has spared no effort in meticulously crafting every facet of the compound, thereby creating the ideal home for a flourishing and interconnected community.

World-renowned architect, Professor at the GSAPP of Columbia University in New York

Multifunctional Centre

Acting as the core of the Gulia Eco-Village residential complex, the 1,700 square metre Multifunctional Centre excels in catering to a wide array of individual and communal needs.

Community is our core value


Grupo Demetra, as a residential developer, thinks beyond buildings. We care for your well-being, and for ours. We find it essential. It is the quality of everyday’s life that, incrementally, impacts the overall quality of it.

The right environment to lead well-rounded and fulfilled lives


Nestled in Dâmbovița county, with around 50 important factories in the area, Gulia Eco-Village enjoys excellent connectivity and proximity to a 30-hectares forest. Gulia Eco-Village is easily accessible by car, train, and bus, not just from Bucharest, but also from Ploiești, Pitești, and Târgoviște.


Our commitment to sustainability is seamlessly integrated into every aspect of the project, including the materials we use, the location, and the lifestyle we promote.

Sustainability is in our DNA, and it serves as the driving force behind the development of Grupo Demetra Gulia Eco-Village


Gulia Eco-Village is the first real estate development of Grupo Demetra. This visionary project was born from the cherished dream of Rafaela Nebreda Vilallonga to then bring together an ecology of experts from around the world.