Sustainability is at the core of all Grupo Demetra projects. Grupo Demetra is dedicated to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, aiming to create a positive impact in the real estate sector. The essence of Grupo Demetra’s Think Beyond Buildingssustainability strategy is to set a precedent for or facilitate the emergence of new lifestyles. This approach governs our business practices, our interactions with communities, and our commitment to our workforce.

Our objectives outlined through the ESG criteria

Efficient use of resources

Reduced carbon footprint

Social impact

Culture & wellness

Good Practices

Moreover, the Romania Green Building Council has formulated an economical yet comprehensive Green Homes certification, aimed at evaluating and acknowledging residential projects that excel in implementing sustainable construction practices. We have already undergone pre-qualification for this certification and are committed to achieving the highest scores across all certification criteria.

Sustainability is in our DNA, and it serves as the driving force behind the development of Grupo Demetra Gulia Eco-Village